Our Story

You are more than what you sell.

The client comes first. Our founder, Mark F. Simmons, has built his career—and Mixed Digital—on that truism. It’s served us well for over 15 years.

At Mixed Digital, we take the time to get to know what makes your business tick—and by that, we mean that we don’t just learn about what you sell. We learn how you sell it, and the value you’re ultimately providing your customers. This knowledge enables us to become true partners—not just service providers.

We also recognize that your time is a valuable commodity. And, hey: we’re a small business, so we understand the importance of a budget. We respond fast, and manage your campaigns as if we were spending our own money. This high-touch, fiscally responsible approach contributes to our clients’ high satisfaction and excellent retention.

Once we’ve got a fully formed picture of your business, we put our experience with Fortune 500 companies and leading digital agencies to work. We’ll show you how to make the most of your data, how to use automation to become more efficient, and how to maximize ROI from digital marketing efforts.

We're obsessed with numbers.

We’ve built a reputation, and considerable expertise, in the discipline of marketing data analysis across multiple businesses and industries. Mixed Digital has managed millions of keywords, trafficked over tens of thousands of social media  and display ads, and pored over terabytes of data—all to deliver exceptional results for our clients. This combination of industry experience and practical knowledge enables our team to easily identify goals and develop plans to achieve them.

Our approach enables us to quickly learn what works and apply that knowledge to meet business objectives. Our aim is to create long-term value that empowers marketers and businesses while creating a competitive advantage.

It’s our firm belief that the true measure of our success is not in how many campaigns we run, but in the results we deliver. Sure: many agencies deliver similar services and deliver them well. What sets us apart is our approach. We’ll teach you how to become more attentive to the story data tells, and empower you to become proactive instead of reactive. The result is an improvement in process, an increase in marketing ROI, and—most importantly—satisfied clients.

Did We Mention We're A Little Geeky?

We LOVE technology. And, yes, spreadsheets. Love ‘em, won’t apologize for it. We welcome a challenge, and we love solving problems with data and creativity. We are an agency of doers, and isn’t that what you need? Our data-driven approach empowers us to be objective in our approach, and to deliver world-class campaign execution or strategic advice to our clients.

In short, we can’t get enough of this stuff—and isn’t that what your business needs?



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