Is Your Marketing Strategy a Cluster&$#@?

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Has your once well-organized marketing strategy come to resemble the jumble of stuff in your closet or garage? Marketing and advertising strategies tend to accumulate clutter which can linger even when they may not be working as well as you’d like. Like the ill-fitting clothes that accumulate in your closet or the broken tools in your garage, they are hard to get rid of, whether its habit, emotional attachment, or just plain not getting around to cleaning them out. To improve your marketing, you’ll need to take a closer look at your current marketing plan and ask yourself a few hard questions.

What about your marketing strategy works?

If friends of friends are walking through your door then you are getting the best kind of exposure: referrals. But are you doing anything with those customers? Do you have a referral plan in place. If your website traffic increases, but you are not getting any leads or making any sales, maybe it’s time to improve the user experience on your site and convert that traffic into profit. If a weekly email increases the attendance at your next event, why not try a digital newsletter where you can include some offers and secondary calls to action?

Basically, If it’s already working for you, keep doing it. There may even be a way to fine tune whats working and make it work harder for you.



What about your marketing strategy doesn’t work?

Have you been running ads in the local paper for years because you have a good relationship with the sales rep? Do you have your business card on the diner placement because your brother thought it was a good idea.  These are not necessarily bad ideas, but they may not be the most cost effective ways of getting a direct response. We all want to “trim some fat,” and this includes not investing in activity that doesn’t work. In fact, most media and marketing efforts today can all be tracked, recorded and reported on a moments notice using technology such as Google Analytics, dedicated 1-800 numbers, and dedicated landing pages…


What components of your marketing strategy can be improved?

Do you notice your competitors all have a sign outside of their door announcing promotions? Do you have a Facebook page that no one goes to? Every marketing plan can be adjusted and improved. Make sure you try to improve upon what’s already working. Take a look at what appears successful for your closest competitors and try to replicate it. AND, don’t be afraid to try new ideas. Just make sure they work for your business. If not DON’T DO IT (any longer)!

“It may be time to straighten up or throw out some of your old marketing strategies and tactics, replacing them with new, more effective ones.”

It’s important to look at your budget and see where you can cut back a little or re-allocate dollars to support the things that are working. One of the best ways to do this is establish a concrete marketing plan, execute a pre-planned strategy, and make sure you check up on it regularly, making adjustments where needed

The hardest part about cleaning out your [marketing] closet is getting started. It may be time to straighten up or throw out some of your old marketing strategies and tactics, replacing them with new, more effective ones. You’ll improve your lead generation and sales efforts, while decreasing your spending. If you would like some help getting started and a professional plan and strategy set in place, contact us. We are happy to review your current strategy and begin establishing and effective plan… FREE of charge.

Chris Rosaschi
With over 18 years of hands-on experience, Chris knows what it takes to grow almost any business. From basic print and digital campaigns to complex websites and apps, Chris knows the creative landscape… and will do whatever it takes to make it flourish beautifully.
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