Why not retargeting website visitors is a huge, costly mistake!

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You know those businesses whose advertisements you see as you browse the web, soon after visiting their websites? Well, it’s definitely not by happenstance. It’s retargeting in action, and it’s a highly effective method of capturing potentially lost sales. Read on to learn how not taking advantage of this powerful tactic can cost you big money.

In using retargeting, a small bit of code that’s controlled by the publisher or marketer is added to the website or landing page that places a cookie in every visitor’s browser, adding them to a target audience list. That list can then be retargeted with a specific ad campaign targeted exclusively at them. Some advertisers unfamiliar with retargeting are nervous about the advertising strategy, feeling that it’s a bit on the “creepy” side. These individuals either don’t fully understand retargeting or are using it inappropriately. There are a number of reasons why you should take advantage of the untapped power of retargeting, including the following.


Provides Multiple Shots at Conversions
Consumers abandon the sales funnel for several reasons. It could be they were just browsing, they’re just comparison shopping or maybe they didn’t have the right credit card handy. Retargeting makes it possible for you to display ads directly to visitors after they’ve left your landing page or website, providing multiple opportunities for conversion. That is why retargeting has grown to be a vital strategy in the digital marketer’s toolbox. Retargeting will increase the effectiveness of all of your marketing efforts, including brand awareness and recall, and most important of all, drives consumers down the sales funnel to maximize conversion.

Second Chance to Convert Your Visitors
What makes retargeting particularly impressive is the fact it just targets users who have visited one of your landing pages or your website. This means that these visitors have previously come across your brand, products and/or services. As a result, they’re more qualified and much more prone to be persuaded by ongoing marketing. If the largest part of your site traffic is made up of one time visitors, paid or organic, that would more than likely have gotten away otherwise, retargeting will allow you to continually market to these visitors, drawing them back into your conversion channel.


Building Brand Awareness
Retargeting is the perfect online marketing strategy for getting past trust issues with prospective customers and establishing a recognizable brand. It’s important for online marketers to fully understand that retargeting is a great deal more than just a conversion/performance focused tactic. Retargeting plays a significant role in building brand awareness, essential for any business.

Multiple Chances to Make a Stellar Impression
With retargeting, you get several chances to make a stellar impression. In today’s highly competitive world of digital marketing, it’s important to make the most of every possible advantage and maximize the value of every single visitor you drive. When it comes to retargeting, you’re in the position to leverage your own first party visitor data, which is the most worthwhile form of target audience data.

Bottom line, of all the potential ways to spend your marketing dollars on paid media, retargeting is a strategy you shouldn’t ignore. The opportunity exists not only on Google, but Facebook and across the web. If you’re not taking advantage of this and need guidance, we can help.

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