The Poorly Planned Superbowl 51 Ad: 84 Lumber

 In Advertising

Superbowl 51 was that glorious time of year when two teams battled it out for supremacy in the NFL. It was also a showcase of talent for Madison Avenue, and expectedly, highly entertaining. Advertisers like 84 Lumber paid big money to get in front of millions of potential customers. When the stakes are that high, you’ve got to have a well-thought out, flawless strategy. How do you bridge the gap between the traditional world that is television and the digital world of mobile phones, tablets and computers? For 84 Lumber’s Superbowl 51 ad, it was to drive viewers to their website. What happened next could have been avoided….

Watch the video below to learn what crucial mistake 84 Lumber made and how to avoid it.



Mark Simmons
Mark has been a digital marketing professional since early 2000. He leverages his Fortune 500 brand experience, and analytical mind to solve challenges of all shapes and sizes for agency clients. Mark is passionate about his industry, a father of two, a marathoner, and proud alumnus of Duke University.
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