The 5 Essential Psychological Triggers to Sales Growth

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Every decision a prospective customer or client makes involves many subconscious and conscious emotions. The secret to success for any business is understanding the psychology behind these emotions. When it comes down to getting your prospective client or current client to pull out their credit card or checkbook, uncovering the following 5 psychological triggers will help.


1. Fear of Losing Out vs. Gain

Although it may seem hard to believe, it’s been proven that the majority of us are hard wired to have a significantly stronger reaction to loss than we do to gain. This psychological characteristic is referred to as “loss aversion”. To take advantage of this trait, design your marketing message to address what your prospect will be missing out on if they don’t buy something from you or enlist your services right now, rather than focusing on what they’d gain.


2. Time Savings

Most business owners are constantly looking for efficient ways to save time. Since this is most people, you need to come up with a meaningful offer that will speak to them for it to be a successful sales trigger. Help your prospects see how saving an additional hour or two a day can translate into more revenue, extra free time to relax, or more time to accomplish their goals.



3. Avoiding Analysis Paralysis

If you’ve been running a business, or in sales for any length of time, you probably already know that if you give people too many decisions to make, they’re likely to fall into “analysis paralysis.” Instead of throwing every service option, package, or product at your clients/prospects, consult with them and offer the most viable option. If you’re selling products, channel them in targeted directions. In other words, make it easier for them to make a buying decision. You can always introduce them to other products/services down the road.




4. Providing Social Proof

When a consumer hears that their peers believe in a product or service via reviews or testimonials (social proof), they’re much more likely to trust that it’s worth investing in, triggering a buying decision. Add testimonials to your landing pages and sprinkle them throughout your web presence. Encourage clients to give you the “good word” on your social media sites. If possible, include a photo of the individual that provided you with the testimonial. Providing “social proof” is a powerful psychological trigger to more sales because it has a positive influence on buying habits.



5. Social Media – Creating a Bond

For the most part, we’re all social creatures that enjoy forming new connections. In regards to social media, once a new connection has been made, we can’t help but want to continue that bond. That’s why we’re more prone to “say yes” to a request. Making a connection and nurturing an ongoing relationship is the key to success on social media, taken a step further with email marketing. By staying on the minds of our prospects and nurturing an ongoing relationship, they’re going to be more prone to buy in the future.


Source: Bazaarvoice

Practice the 5 psychological triggers to more sales and watch your sales grow. Ignore them, and you’ll be missing out on revenue generating opportunities.


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