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AdWords 101: 10 Campaign Setup Best Practices [Lesson 1]

adwords-setup-mixed-digital-mark-f-simmonsGoogle AdWords is one of the most effective methods of driving highly qualified, paid traffic to your website. Depending on the objective you’re seeking, a well-managed AdWords campaign can add significant value for your marketing dollar. A poorly managed campaign can become a money-pit. The purpose of this multi-part series is to provide some helpful tips and tricks we’ve learned over the more than three decades of combined campaign management experience. Lesson 1 involves properly setting up your campaigns for best performance.

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your AdWords Performance

ppc-and-advertising-mark-f-simmonsMost businesses attempt to take advantage of AdWords pay per click marketing. Unfortunately, many end up giving up in defeat as they drain their budget and have nothing to show for their efforts. While a successful pay per click campaign involves a firm understanding of PPC and extensive testing, the smallest adjustments can have a huge impact on overall performance. Do you want to improve in your AdWords performance? The following 5 tips will help ensure that your PPC efforts result in a solid ROI.

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The Growing Effect of Mobile on Search Trends

Mobile search continues to grow at an accelerated rate, those that don't take advantage of this digital evolution will be missing out on a lucrative opportunity.Because Mobile search continues to grow at an accelerated rate, those that don’t take advantage of this digital evolution will be missing out on a lucrative opportunity. Mobile purchases are predicted to surpass desktop purchases, with an estimated $700 billion mobile purchasing via mobile by 2018. Nevertheless, very few businesses have yet taken advantage of the amazing potential of mobile marketing.

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Brand Development Through Content Marketing

content-marketing-strategy-mark-f-simmons-mixed-digitalWhat do brands like American Express, Coca Cola, Mercedes and Neiman Marcus have in common? Even though they are all from entirely different industries, they have one thing in common; they took notice of the power of content marketing and have the wisdom to take full advantage of it. Over 200 retail brands have gone out of business over the past few years due in part to procrastination when it comes to stepping up their marketing to keep up with today’s competitors who are catering to consumers who use the internet for just about everything today, including making a buying decision, whether it’s products or services.

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How To Market Your Food Truck: 5 Quick Tips To Get More Customers Using Social Media

food truck This may seem like a pretty random post topic, but here in Durham, North Carolina, food trucks are everywhere and they’re tasty! I love a good food truck. What I’ve noticed, being the marketing guy that I am, is that not all of them are taking advantage of social media to promote their business. I’m confident that with a few of these techniques, food truck owners can increase interaction and gain more business.

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How To Measure #SocialROI – Social Media ROI

These days nearly every business uses social media as part of their marketing campaigns which obviously uses a big chunk of their marketing and advertising budget. But how do they calculate what gains they have made from their marketing spend, more commonly known as a return on investment or ROI.

Before we look into how we can calculate a ROI from social media marketing, let’s first look at how ROI works in general business practices.

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Regaining Control Over Your Sales Destiny

The online “everything’s a commodity” web, Google, social networks sourcing/searching mentality world is a game changer. It puts the prospect in the driver’s seat for problem solutions research, sourcing products, solutions, services and solutions vendors. It also offers a common ground where, if sales and marketing can cooperate, they can win big time.

That’s because marketing and sales combined have the vision and skills needed to understand their real marketplace, what it is and how to approach it to survive and thrive in the face of this sales game changer.

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Are You Ready For Google Enhanced Campaigns

In February 2013 Google launched enhanced campaigns for Adwords. The announcement of  represents one of the biggest shifts in the history of the leading search engine.

So what are enhanced campaigns and do we need them? Well the bottom line is, whether you need them or not, come the migration deadline of 22nd July any existing campaigns everyone will automatically be migrated to the enhanced campaign format anyway. So if you haven’t already migrated yourself by then you really will have no say in the matter.

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Facebook Graph Search, What’s In It For You?

After 6 months of Beta testing, Facebook Graph Search was finally released to the general public in the US on Monday 8th July 2013. This will be a phased release allowing more and more users to be able to access the tool over the next few weeks.

What is Graph Search?

Graph Search is a search query tool that allows Facebook users to find information that people have shared via their profile. A user can search and find out about anything and everything a user has liked or shared on their profile. From the restaurants, music, books and films they liked to their current relationship status, anything can be used to answer searches.

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