Search Engine Marketing


Leave The Keywords To Us!

Search Engine Marketing


Leave The Keywords To Us!

Search is among the most powerful marketing channels, providing the ability to connect with potential customers at the very moment of interest. This holds true for both paid and organic search.

You can test ad copy and get campaigns in-market quickly. Optimization occurs in real-time, and search activity positively impacts your other marketing channels. The keyword-centric nature of search provides incredible insight into customer intent; tactics like remarketing provide incremental revenue opportunities. Search is incredibly complex and constantly changing. If you or your marketing manager aren’t search experts (and why would you be?), doesn’t it make sense to turn to a company that is? The difference adds up.

“I can say it’s very difficult to find anybody that does online marketing work. It’s either great or terrible. I’ve never seen a middle ground. [Mixed Digital’s] paid search work is better than great. It’s fantastic. They will work every detail and give you honest feedback on what needs to be done. They treat your business as if it were their own. They listen to your concerns and takes them into perspective. They’re very professional and their communication is excellent as well. They work made a significant improvement, and the only thing I regret is not contacting them sooner! ” – David Aragon, President, AraParts

We Know Search Like The Backs Of Our Hands!

Search engine marketing is in our blood. Our Google Adwords Certified team has been managing campaigns since before Bing was even a thought and Yahoo was called Overture. We’ve managed campaigns spanning 30 countries, across 15 languages, using 6 different major search engines, millions of keywords, and seven-figure budgets.

Whether you’re new to search or you’ve been running campaigns for a long time, we can offer fresh eyes and a little perspective; the same goes for organic search or SEO. Our process is constantly being refined as new features and strategies are released to the market.


Our Process :: Paid Search

Process creates efficiency and that’s how we drive measurable value. We can’t give away the secret sauce, but we can give you an idea of how we go about managing your campaigns:



Mobile Search Matters

We take mobile search behaviors and standards into account, and learn everything about your customers—from how they find you to which devices they’re using. This translates to ensuring your website is responsive and provides a great mobile user experience.

"Over 60% of consumers use mobile search over desktop and 80% of Internet users own a smartphone."

Our Process :: Organic Search


The Full Suite of Search Engine Marketing Solutions:

  • PPC & SEO Audits
  • Full-Service PPC Campaign Management
  • Full-Service SEO Campaign Management
  • PPC/SEO Strategic Consulting
  • Landing Page Development / Analysis / Testing
  • PPC/SEO Training

Ready to take your SEO or paid search to new heights?