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Listen To Your Data

Think about it. Data is everywhere. We get data from the news, email, our social media feeds, our customers, and more. We use this data to make decisions all the time. The weather report says it’s going to rain and we grab an umbrella. It might seem like an overly simplified example, but translated into the language of your business, it makes perfect sense.

Our #SmartData approach involves comprehensive data analysis that takes the guesswork out of growth and marketing initiatives. This form of business intelligence enables organizations to make better, smarter decisions.

It starts with a website and a properly installed web analytics tool, but it doesn’t end there. It’s important, too, to think about your sales team’s data, your customers, and any other relevant sources. Our experts can implement powerful data mining tools and help you interpret the results.


Close The Loop: Customer Lifecycle Management

Plenty of digital agencies are competent at driving leads to your sales funnel. Where they typically fall short is addressing the conversion of prospects to customers and first-time customers to repeat ones. It’s this important step that often represents an area of significant revenue loss. We call this Customer Lifecyle Management.

At Mixed Digital, we deviate from the pack by looking at your business with a 360 degree lens. The information we get from analytics, and the tools we use to automate repetitive tasks, allow you and your staff more time to close leads and make customers happier. #SmartData helps us to invest wisely in digital marketing solutions, including search, social, display, mobile, email, video, and offline marketing. It’s our data-driven philosophy that becomes the backbone of your marketing initiatives.


Mixed Digital offers the following web analytics consulting services:

  • Strategy Development – (Digital Marketing & Measurement Plan)
  • Implementation & Initial Setup
  • Audits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Remote/Onsite Training
  • AdHoc or Ongoing Reporting

Google Analytics Certifiedview certificate

“Mark’s breadth and level of expertise is refreshing, and he’s been a valuable tool in our efforts to better understand our digital marketing analytics data. His hands-on approach makes him feel more like a business partner than a consultant. CCL has already benefited from his observations and recommendations as we work to bring our organization in line with modern digital standards. Mark has been a pleasure to work with, and we expect him to continue providing tangible value in future engagements.” – Peter Amidon, Director, Digital Engagement at Center for Creative Leadership

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