Super Bowl Mobile Scorecard

The Super Bowl is best known for the clash between the NFL’s top two teams battling for their place in sports history. It is also a huge stage for advertisers. Non sports fans with no interest in the game will tune in just for the ads. Marketing industry folks, like ourselves, take things a step further and analyze the ads against specific measures like creativity and the use of  digital marketing.

As our follow up to Measuring Super Bowl XLVI, we decided to focus our report on how advertisers leveraged mobile advertising to provide a richer experience and extend the engagement form their ad spots. Some brands got it, others missed opportunity. What we found was rather surprising:

23% of brands used mobile (in some form)

Only 8% of brands used mobile IN their ad

13% of brands didn’t use any digital references at all!


Download the full report using this link: Mixed Digital Super Bowl Mobile Scorecard(PDF)



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  • Matthew Capala February 8, 2012

    Great analysis. I am surprised how so many brands spend millions of dollars on the super bowl TV spots, and failed to leverage digital channels, such as mobile and tablet, to create a cross-channel synergy and optimize engagement. I think that the traditional media buyers should work very closely with multichannel experts to strategize, properly execute, and track multichannel synergy. The global brands that understand how to leverage “digital spillover’ to optimize TV ad spend will lead and win.

  • Marina February 9, 2012

    In an increasingly connected digital world, it is astonishing that 13% of all ads did not include any digital references and that only 25% of all ads included a social media reference. This is even more surprising considering brands such as Budweiser, Audi, Coca-Cola, H&M and M&Ms, all very dominant, reputable and very well-established brands did not utilize mobile at all. Multi-channel marketing is increasingly important as we become closer to ‘closing the loop’ between online and offline campaigns. Lastly, multi-channel marketing aims to increase engagement with consumers–the more they’re engaged with your brand, the more you are on top of mind. As the competitive landscape intensifies, you can beat out your competitors by marketing across a variety of platforms. Brands have not yet tapped into the full potential of mobile, though simple geo-targeting and social media can do a lot to increase brand awareness and get consumers through their doors.

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