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3 Reasons Your Cable Box’s Days Are Numbered

I work part-time in the retail industry. Lately, and almost exclusively, I work during the graveyard shift.  If I’m lucky, I’ll leave Manhattan some time before midnight and return home to Brooklyn before 1am.  If I’m unlucky and Murphy’s Law is at the reigns of the MTA, I’ll leave the city sometime around 1am and arrive home around 2-3am.

As is the norm with shifts like this, the conversation in the final moments turns to what my co-workers and I will be doing once we return home.  Some eat a late night dinner while others plan to continue feeding their latest Netflix or Hulu addiction.

The other night, we began talking about how the majority of us haven’t watched live TV in months.  For some of us, it’s been years save for the occasional sporting event.  This usually can be attributed to unforgiving schedules, but mainly just because…we don’t need to.

Here are 3 reasons why.

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