How we decreased the cost per lead 43.5% !


Mixed Digital helps Hurley Write grow their lead generation results using paid search optimization, effective copywriting & @SmartData

Hurley Write, Inc. is a certified women-owned business (WBENC and WOSB) that has been designing and teaching customized onsite and online technical, business, and scientific writing courses for over 25 years. They also develop and teach specialty courses such as how to write proposals and standard operating procedures (SOPs).


Unsustainable Cost Per Lead

Hurley Write had been using paid search for some time, to some level of success. However, at the current cost per lead, the channel was not being managed successfully. A better solution was needed to increase lead generation results while simultaneously reducing costs.

Non-Optimized Web Copy

The current copy on the crucial pages was not written is a way that would draw the reader in and make them take action. Attention was needed to re-write some pages, making the content more in-line with web copy best practices, better at quickly articulating the value proposition and including clear calls to action.

Outdated Website

The current site was simply in need of updating to conform to modern standards. The old website didn’t give the first impression the client desired, lacked sufficient lead capture forms and needed to better organize date for an improved user experience.

How We Did/Do It


After fully analyzing account setup, historical performance, reviewing competitive influences and making improvements to their web analytics implementation, a new plan was developed.


This revised strategy placed the client at the center. The aim was to better understand the “why” behind a client hiring Hurley Write as well as “how” they search for these particular services. Close attention was paid to developing a cohesive “conversation” that begins with the keyword, extends to the ad and culminates with the landing page. The overhaul consisted of keyword optimization, new ad copy, changes to account/campaign settings and most importantly, updating the site copy to “tell a better story” of what’s in it for the prospective customer. We also worked with their existing web design firm to offer feedback and recommendations as the site was updated. Additionally, we tested new search engines to broaden the reach and offer incremental lead sources.


All performance is continually monitored to gauge the impact of the tests and general results. The data collected is used to make decisions about how well the copy re-write has impacted session durations and conversions, how the ad copy has impacted CTR’s and leads, how keyword bid management has impacted cost per lead (CPL), etc.

“….great to work with! Answers all questions in a timely manner and very thorough. I would definitely recommend [Mixed Digital]!”

-Pam Hurley, President, Hurley Write Inc.,


Upon executing the new strategy, results were immediate. Our analysis found several opportunities to better utilize raw keyword queries, fine-tune ad copy, enable supporting AdWords features and more. Over the first three months, we observed key metrics such as click through rate (+359%) and cost per lead (-43.5%) improve, all on a decrease in spend (-22%). Most notably, the conversion rate increased 1,578% over the same timeframe, to reach a level 67% higher than its previous high with the former agency. Google Analytics engagement data supported our hypothesis that updating the site company would lead to a more positive user experience, and thus greater conversion. Overall, the campaign is more efficient and sustainable from a return on investment perspective.

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