How we drove a 200%+ increase in revenue!


Mixed Digital helped Rocky Mountain Oils grow their paid search channel using a combination of optimization and tactical improvements.

Founded in 2004, Rocky Mountain Oils was created by a collection of enthusiasts who were determined to develop essential oils that were pure and safe to use for the entire family. We thrive today to provide our customers a selection of premium essential oils and blends that improve the lives of people worldwide.


Stagnant Growth

Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) had been successfully driving revenues using search, but felt they were missing out on growth. Unable to identify where they were lacking, they sought to improve their campaigns through better management and new ideas.

Out Of Date Strategy

RMO was operating on a search strategy that was years behind the modern curve. Simply, they were not taking advantage of the latest features and changes in the industry. These missed opportunities cost the company money.

How We Did It


Considerable time was spent understanding what they had done in the past, who their competition was and the strategy they employed as well as gaining an understanding of RMO’s business operations.


The revised strategy involved testing out new features and channels, based on the findings in discovery. The campaign made full use of AdWords features that weren’t being used prior. Google Shopping and retargeting were added to mix. Our #SmartData analysis yield some very actionable data. Several dedicated campaigns were created to grow sales of highly profitable products by increasing the reach and thus, the opportunity to convert. Overall our methods aimed to expand their opportunity while improving conversion rates and sales.


Performance was continually monitored and the information used to impact our strategy. Ad copy and offers were tweaked based on conversion data, landing pages were created based on product sales, the checkout cart was reviewed and improved. Essentially, every aspect of the sales process was touched upon and recommendations provided.

“[Mixed Digital] has been great to work with as they handled PPC campaigns for my company. They are prompt with communicating, and have worked hard to improve ROI for our company. In fact, I appreciate his understanding of making sure to underline the ROI that our company receives from his services and to keep that in mind while making decisions that effect our business.”

-J. Alexander Curtis, Director of Marketing, Rocky Mountain Oils


As we quickly removed the aspects of the campaign that were underperforming and wasting valuable budget, results improved. Where we truly excelled was our testing of new features and new distribution. Our strategy was able to A) significantly increase the reach for Rocky Mountain Oils B) increase incremental revenues and C) improve the overall ROI by using budget more efficiently. This strategy also positively impacted revenues on channels where paid Search was not the final touch point, but the first interaction.

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