How we increased paid traffic 237% and leads 231%!


Mixed Digital helps Target Logistics leverage digital marketing to increase visibility and drive leads.

Target Logistics, an Algeco Scotsman company, is the largest provider of turnkey workforce housing solutions in the United States. It operates in some of the most remote environments, supporting oil, gas, mining and construction operations, capital projects and government agencies with temporary workforce lodging, mobile crew camps and extended-stay hotels.


New To Digital Marketing

Target Logistics was late to embrace the power of digital marketing, though successfully leverage traditional tactics such as trade shows and PR. Their goal was to expand reach and lead generation efforts by taking the foundation created and improving upon it.

Industry Concerns

Playing in a unique space, understanding Target Logistics’s key audience presented a challenge. Learning where prospective customers spend their time and how to reach them, digitally,  required significant thought and collaboration.

Existing Technology

The current usage of marketing technology didn’t necessarily lend itself to the automatic success of our initiative. A complete analysis of existing implementation of tools and systems was in order.

How We Did It


We learned as much about Target Logistics’ business, services and marketing history as we could. Special focus was on who made up the target audience, where they “lived” online and what challenges they faced – that Target Logistics solves.

Audit, Analysis & Strategy Development

We reviewed the past marketing campaigns and the current technology implementation. A plan was created to map out how we would first achieve the goal of brand awareness including the specific tactics and platforms we’d leverage. We made changes to their Google Analytics implementation to ensure our ability to properly measure our efforts and report back accurately.

Launch & Execution

Once the prep work was completed, our newly developed campaigns were launched on the selected search engines and continuously monitored. On-page optimizations were made and our off-page organic search plan was kicked off. A schedule was established to deliver reports and communicate with Target Logistics on a regular basis,  sharing performance and campaign insights. As our engagement grew, we expanded to provide landing page development, social media management, graphic ad copy creation and deeper, more insightful analytics reporting to support the grander initiative.


We believe in a “test and invest” strategy. Given the abundance of data, we can establish reliable plans from the start. Based on our experience with Fortune 500 accounts, we target proven strategies. As we test, changes are made in real-time. Through continual optimization we’re able to achieve longterm efficiency and a greater ROI for Target Logistics. This can mean tweaking ad copy to increase click-through-rate, bid optimization to reduce spend, testing a new marketing channel or building custom landing pages. Optimization is the key to success and a process that never ends.


“…I have always looked at [Mixed Digital] as vested partners who get the job done….we have benefited greatly as a company due to their transparent and data-focused guidance….” – Scott Junk, VP Marketing, Target Logistics


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