How we helped the Center For Creative Leadership Increase Leads 2,357%!


Mixed Digital helps the Center for Creative Leadership leverage digital marketing to increase awareness for new programs, sell more publications and capitalize on their extensive content by growing leads.

The Center for Creative Leadership leverages the power of leadership to transform individuals, teams, entire organizations and societies to achieve what matters most to them — with results that are powerful, measurable, and enduring.


Too Much Data

CCL has always been great at creating content and understanding their customers via surveys and other interactions. The challenge was translating this data into an efficient strategy.

Fragmented Analytics

Compounding the abundance of data issue, CCL’s organization wasn’t taking full advantage of the technology they were using or the technology available. Organizing and coordinating analytics, CRM and sales systems was a chief initiative.

Under Use of Digital

CCL had been leveraging digital, to a degree, but needed to make better use of available tactics. Understanding what strategies made sense for their business was an initial step in the process.

How We Did It


We learned as much about CCL’s business, services and marketing history as we could. Special focus was on who their target audience was, how they stacked up to competitors and their overall industry reputation.

Audit, Analysis & Strategy Development

We reviewed the past marketing campaigns and the current technology implementation to identify gaps and missed opportunities. Plans were created to address the need to promote new conferences, better connect with conference alumni and to improve the measurement of digital activities.

Launch & ExecutionThe Center For Creative Leadership (E-Commerce, Lead Generation, #SmartData Consulting)

Following the creation of a plan, pieces were put into play. As this is an ongoing engagement, there’s a great deal of attention given to the effectiveness of each and possible changes that can be made for improvement.



Part of the strategy included a digital marketing and measurement plan which identifies the metrics, goals and KPI’s used to gauge success. Results are constantly measured in real-time and sometimes, changes are made just as fast. The important point is that we are able to learn quickly and adjust strategy to improve results.

“… breadth and level of expertise is refreshing, and [Mixed Digital]’s been a valuable tool in our efforts to better understand our digital marketing analytics data. [Mixed Digital]’s hands-on approach makes [them] feel more like a business partner than a consultant. CCL has already benefited from …. observations and recommendations as we work to bring our organization in line with modern digital standards. Mark has been a pleasure to work with, and we expect him to continue providing tangible value in future engagements.”

– Peter Amidon, Director, Digital Engagement, Center for Creative Leadership


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